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We decode your "Birth chart"

Astrology chart and Psychic reading show mapping of Time Energy & space...Know what they have in store for you in this present Birth horoscope!!

We look for "A born Star"in you

It's could be just tip of a great excitement,a great news ..we will just decode for you..you knew it!!! oh no...if yes,it would be certainlynot the way,you knew it...even if yes,why you held it from not telling the world..let's act on it..You are a born star..lets unravel unending bursts of energy in you to big shine..let the dust settle..we present a new you to you...Just REACH US on email: dca1989@hotmail.com Or phone +91 9810233229

We help you Realize your great secret powers ...to accomplish your beautiful dreams,for you to live a very beautiful life!!

Already you took too long...so don't delay it anymore..take the dice and throw it..Hmm....There it is...what a combination of planets & their numbers transcending as abundant energy...Let's not delay act on this..we need to harness this the way it comes..lets use this..the power in you be unleashed..Great Mind,body,soul & selected place..we should act on it, separately,simultaneously or collectively...to prepare them all...to perceive,conceive & lead to get, what you had wanted,...wanted,for so long.....So why delay it more,what you wanted so badly...Pick up the Phone & Dial +91 9810233229 & reach us immediately...Or / Simultaneously write small email with NAME,TIME,PLACE OF BIRTH WITH WHAT YOU WISH...dca1989@hotmail.com

We listen to you,very consciously,sub-consciously,very very carefully.

Each of your desire,your choice,your pain,your loss,your love,your prayer...we would love to hear it...be with us...Stay blessed.



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PRE-REGISTER YOUR APPOITNMENT WITH DATE OF BIRTH,TIME,PLACE AND QUERY...we will ready your Birth-chart/kundali printout when you are coming (Our psychic services are payable separately depending upon session availability.kindly check availability on phone.)

Kindly remember,only those reach us whom divine powers allow to come out of suffering Or facilitate reap benefits of their Karmas/actions.

Also please remember,Whatsoever is destined or written as fate,they will get on their own,when the time comes .

With us, we will help make YOU ready.

We reserve rights to answer only those query where Divine powers allow them to be answered.On our own,we dont intervene nor desire to intervene.We will keep mum there.We will speak what divine powers tell us to speak.


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Our 30 min session fee is INR 5100/- ($90 for NRI/Non-Indians);Any continuation of session shall be min. 2500/-($45),subject to availability of time.The fee is payable in advance.

We accept donations also.

Our immediate needs: 

1. Stray Animal&Bird care centre,


2. Awareness campaign for ecology

    balance;green protection in

    urban areas

3. Marriage centre for poor girls.

4. Skill Coaching for poor children 

Please contribute/be team with us to help who need miracles.

let's be God angels 


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